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I was always that kid that collected all of the family photos and put them into albums. Now I digitize and repair the images, making published books and slideshows of them.  I would always ask for Christmas and birthday gifts that revolved around cameras, film, or albums.  It's now cameras, lights, and lenses that I request.  

The world is this constantly changing, breath-taking, kaleidescope of images.  Life captured in an instant, and able to be  remembered for a lifetime.  We don't take photos to change this very moment, but to help us influence our future.  Those images of the puppy, now slower with arthritis, but still quick with a wag or lick of it's tongue, are seen with warm smiles and memories of playtime and joy.  Senior pictures, graduations, weddings, pregnancies, babies, family portraits, corporate headshots, web page photos, and the circle returns.  I have a passion for capturing all of the things that people do.  


I enjoy getting to know people.  Collaboration with my clients allows me to blend our visions making everyone pleased with the results.  


I have had several careers before this, but photography has always been my passion.  

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